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8 Ball Pool

Aim, swipe, and hit the balls; see who among your friends is superior at pool

Version: 4.6.2

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Miniclip.com


8 Ball Pool is a hugely popular Android pool game

If you want to capture all the magic and mayhem of pool on your Android device, 8 ball pool is THE game to turn to. You'll be able to play endlessly with your friends, post your scores, compete in exciting tournaments, and truly take in the most that a virtual game of pool has to offer. The sound effects are very realistic and the angles and physics of the game near perfect. That's why it's one of the most popular games on every Android device. It's a must have for pool fans.

This edition maintains the coin system. When you win a game, you'll win coins, and these coins can be used throughout your games to obtain cool new objects in the game. Want a new and fancy pool cue? You've got it! Just put in the time playing and soon it can be yours. You'll start out with what is a run of the mill wood pool cue, but you can soon earn new and better pool cues through playing. Want one with flames? It's on there! Each new cue gives you the opportunity to add a new twist to your game, an element of bettering your style and your skills.

Perhaps the most exciting part of 8 Ball Pool is the many different types of players you'll encounter. You can play with friends or you can make new friends through consistent play. The game instantly matches you with suitable opponents and lets you jump into a game whenever you want to. And you'll always be able to keep track of your records and win cool prizes in pool tournaments. It's a thriving community of 8 Ball Pool players who would love to give you the best game of your life.


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